Why us?

Stop wasting time and money on old approaches. It's time to do it differently.

We know Office 365

Combining technical and change expertise, we have been working with Office 365 since the beginning - helping organisations across all sectors and sizes.
We guide you along the journey, helping with strategy, roadmapping, governance, change, and navigating the vendor landscape.

We strengthen your internal capability

Imagine if you had the help to build your knowledge and support internally so that your people can drive the organisation forward, to achieve longer lasting success and without exhausting your budget. We do that.

We focus on true value

We are not a traditional services company. We don't just focus on adoption and metrics. It's about business outcomes. It's about the whole point of implementing Office 365 in the first place. It's about truly transforming.


Working with business leadership and IT teams, we review current approaches, remove challenges and help the journey forward through guidance and direction.


Office 365 shouldn't just be deployed. We establish a tailored roadmap, build a governance framework, along with lifecycle management design, factoring in organisational change and user experience.


Whether it's before or after you've begun your Office 365 implementation, we provide guidance along with tools, methods and activites to achieve greater success.

Who are we?

Loryan Strant

Recognised globally as an Office 365 expert, Loryan is an 8-time Microsoft MVP award recipient, published author, active in the Office 365 community, and sought-after public speaker. He has spent most of his career working on Microsoft technologies to help improve the way organisations and people work.

Megan Strant

Megan has been consulting to enhance the end-user experience across many organisations since the early days of Office 365 and is also a Microsoft MVP.  She has worked across a number of Microsoft partners, building and managing their Change and Adoption practices, leveraging her background in Psychology/ HR and technology projects to improve success.